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The Story of Kelly Leanne Apparel Designs



   fashion is a form of self-expression that takes on a sense of individuality, practicality and emotional connection that art cannot.

The Company

Kelly Leanne Apparel Designs is a San Diego based fashion brand founded by Kelly Leanne Snodgrass. The brand focuses on designing one-of-a-kind pieces with a story that people emotionally connect to on an individual level by combining elements of fashion technology (i.e. glowing fabrics) with textiles that have a story of their own. That story could exist in an old, forgotten item reconstructed into something new or a textile made by a local designer in another country.

The Designer

Kelly began designing and sewing clothes as a young child, but was set on the path to become a designer by her passion to create clothing that is modest while making the wearer feel attractive, fashionable and unique. Kelly won the Golden Scissors Award in 2016, 2017 and 2018 for the categories of Costume Design, Unfabric Fashion and then Fashion Collections. During her studies, she began experimenting with designs from upcycled fabrics and non-fabric materials, and collecting textiles from the places she visits around the world. She also began exploring the emerging territory of fiber optic fabrics and wearable technology which led to the design of the fiber optic lace she is currently patenting. All of these passions inspire the designs of Kelly Leanne Apparel today.

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