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Impress your friends at the next cosplay event or display it as wearable art.


This metal armor bodice was hand sculpted and welded together using scraps of aluminum and water heater steel. The 'witness piece' in the back of the corset bears the mark of the water heater.


The bodice is wearable and has side lacing for over-the-head placement and removal.


Measurements for fitting:





Standing Height & Width (for displaying):

Upcycled Metal Corset

    • Wearing
      • Wear an undershirt for comfort and to avoid scratches.
      • To put on/take off, unlace the side panels and carefully then lift the corset over your head. Assistance is recommend.
      • The breastplate can also be removed using keys for padlocks.
    • Care
      • Avoid bending, misshaping or breaking the metal pieces and weld joints by using caution when putting on, removing or transporting the corset.
      • Do not scratch off protective anti-rust coating. Use a soft cloth and mild soap when cleaning to avoid removing the clear anti-rust coating or paint.
    • Safety
      • The corset is made from metal pieces that can scratch or be uncomfortable against skin.
      • Be aware of people around you and tight spaces. The sleeve detail can poke others.
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