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NOW OPEN! Sotheby's Virtual Exhibit Featuring Kelly Leanne Apparel Designs

Today through July 31, our flagship design of our upcoming SS21 collection will be on display on Sotheby's website as part of the Art & Beauty Behind Fashion Virtual Exhibition. This special event is presented in collaboration with Fashion Week San Diego and the Art Renewal Center and is part of Sotheby's 14th International ARC Salon Exhibition.


Our design is inspired by Philippe Attié's painting, Moonlight Muse, and is featured alongside his beautiful work in the virtual exhibition on the website with 8 other FWSD designers. The design is upcycled from parachute materials with macrame and a flowing cape to match a RTW jumpsuit. A personal interview with Kelly Leanne Snodgrass about the story and inspiration for this garment is also featured as part of the exhibit video.


See our design and the exhibit here and in the links below. Follow us on Instagram @kellyleanneapparel for behind the scenes look at the making of our designs and our upcoming collection. You can find more of Philippe's work on his website or Instagram @philippe-attie and more of our upcoming collaborations on FWSD's website, Facebook and Instagram @fashionweeksd.


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